The Geneva Industrial Land Foundation (FTI) wanted to develop a register of rights to built.


Who ?

As a public law company, FTI assists manufacturers in the search for land and premises and offers relocation solutions to companies already established, while ensuring that competitive prices are maintained.

Why ?

Create a decentralised, unchangeable market place, transparent and easily auditable.

How ?

Building rights trading operations with the Blockchain Ethereum.

What ?

Register of building rights Blockchain in the industrial zones of the Canton of Geneva operated by the FTI.


Step 1

Proof of concept

After initial brainstorming meetings, we agreed on the value of producing a Proof of Concept (POC). These developments took 3 months. We used the Ethereum Public Blockchain to do this.
Step 2

Minimum Viable Product

Following this, a test version was made available to the FTI teams before the solution was released into production.
Step 3

Get into production

Beyond providing transparency on the rights to be built, the interest is to decentralize exchanges, facilitate audit and speed up processes.